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I’m a former professional athlete and now a qualified personal trainer/coach with 10+ years of hands-on experience. My mantra is to train smart and my intent is to get as many people committed to living a healthier lifestyle as possible. I’m here to guide you on your journey to becoming the strongest version of yourself.

what’s the Goal

To provide you with a workout plan that is customized/personalized to your goals and schedule. My programs are affordable enough for the average consumer and you don’t need to spend tons of money on a personal trainer. Along with improving your health and fitness while tracking your progress, my programs will allow you the flexibility to work out at any time or place of your choosing. With a sense of freedom as you progress, you will have more experience and confidence throughout the journey.

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Strength Training

The goal of strength training is to improve the neural efficiency of the muscle which leads to increases in strength performance.

Muscle Building

Muscle-building workouts provide stress to the muscles that cause them to adapt by becoming bigger and stronger.


Mobility training improves the ability to move a joint actively through its range of motion, helping you move better and prevent injuries.

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our clients
Shanezzar Sharon
Senior iOS Engineer

One of the best and most in-depth knowledged trainer I have trained with + super friendly. Will definitely recommend him.

Daniel Cassar
Marketing Manager

Started training with Gabe for almost a year with great results, a 9kg jump! He is super informed and has years of experience, passionate about his work. Can’t recommend him enough, in a year you learn a lot!

Neil Jarrett
Printing Machine Operator

I’m already seeing results in just 4 months, thanks to Gabe and his personalized programming. He understands my goals and is dedicated to pushing me to achieve them. Great monitoring & advice, always responsive to messages which are very reassuring. Highly recommended 💪🏼

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